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I had spent most of my life stressed out  and it got to a point where it was causing me  some health issues . I went to a doctor with no results so went to a massage therapist and in 10 minutes  the pain was gone. I knew then that  was what I wanted to do.

I made a stressful  move to go to school to learn this art but the stress remained. I started to learn how to deal withthe stress in an empowered way so that I could create an amazing business and live a life that I love.

Through the years I found that 95% of the people I met were stressed out for one reason or another and I felt what that stress did to their bodies, how it affected their mindset, and how they’d become disconnected from their true potential.  I knew that there was more for me to do so I got certified as a Dreambuilder Life Coach through Mary Morrissey  Strategic Intervention Life Coach through Tony Robbins so that I could make a greater impact on the world.

Mind Over Body Massage
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