4 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Health

a5165b09a6cab3bc8bab020a6abab9ed   I’d like to share with you 4 easy steps to optimize your health, to have more energy, be more productive, to feel better, and of course, to be healthier.

Just take one step at a time, these are the first steps to stress relief.

In my years as a massage therapist, most every one of my clients have been stressed out and most of the time they are in pain.

They’re in pain because they’re not taking care of their body, so I’m going to give you 4 keys to optimize your health and if you make this a lifestyle you’ll find that the stress fades away little by little and you’re feeling top notch.

Your body is like a machine and it needs maintenance if it’s going to function the way it’s supposed to.

Your body was created in perfection by the Higher Power that created everything, but the way we treat our bodies or the lack of care we give our bodies takes our bodies to a state of restriction.

Right now is the time to take care of your body! Face it, if you don’t have your health, nothing else really matters. Does it?

You have only one body in this lifetime and if you keep putting off taking care of your body, not only are you going to be stiff and sore, ultimately your organs are going to start to malfunction.

I invite you to close your eyes and become aware of your body… does your body feel tight? Is your belly happy? Does the energy seem to be flowing? Can you see how your organs are functioning? Take a minute to feel everything that’s going on.

So let’s explore these 4 steps to optimize your health, to feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, and more energized at the same time.

#1 Take a look at your mindset… This is HUGE!

Your mind is you master. You choose what you think so choose your thoughts wisely. Every thought that you think and every word that you speak programs your body and your mind.

If you’re thinking that, whatever, runs in the family, that thought is what keeps it running in the family.

If you keep telling yourself that you’re hurting, you’re body is acting accordingly.

If you tell yourself that you’re getting sick, then yes, you’re going to get sick.

You change that by first becoming aware of what you’re paying attention to, and make up your mind that only positive and empowering thoughts can take up residence in your mind.

When a negative thought comes into your mind, just shift your thoughts to something happy, whether is a past memory or a dream for the future.

Shift your thoughts to all you have t be grateful for, right here in this moment. You can’t think of the pain or discomfort if you’re having a happy thought. Right?

#2. Drink plenty of water!

Your brain consists of 90% water, you’re muscle consists of 75% water, your bones consist of 22% water, and your blood is 83% water. Every time you take a breath out that water evaporates so you need to replenish it.

Drink half of your body weight in ounces every day and you’ll find yourself feeling more energized, your brain will function better, and you’ll be more productive. You flush out the toxins to feel refreshed. Invite you to try this out for a week. Figure out how much you should be drinking and have it premeasured in a jug and give it your best shot.

#3 Stretch them muscles out!

Your body is energy and when your muscles are all tied up in knots, that energy isn’t flowing anywhere.

How’s the energy supposed to flow to your brain when you’re all tight across the shoulders?

Why do you think you hurt when you decide to do an activity that’s not the norm for you?

How are your organs supposed to function when the energy is constricting them?

It doesn’t have to be some long stretching regime. I know you’re busy, just do it for a few seconds here and there throughout the day. Leave yourself little reminders so that you don’t forget. I encourage you to make it a lifestyle.

#4. Watch what you eat!

Your body needs decent nourishment fro the foods you eat. Try to cut down on the salt, sugar, grease, and flour.Try to eat foods that are organic and not processed.The nutrients in your diet affect your body and your mind.

This is the hardest thing to do but just take baby steps and do what you can. If you travel, drink a glass of water before your meals and fill up on vegetables, keep your portions of meat small, and only eat until you’re full. Got it?

One step at a time is all it takes to optimize your health.

Do it for the people who care about you, but mostly, do it for yourself.

You’re worth the effort. the longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to undo the pain, tension, and ailments, so start Now! I have faith in you that you can do this.

Here’s to You!
Susie <3
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